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Art & Design | Nagoya University Campus Walk

July 8, 2013

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Aichi Triennale 2013 Open Architecture Collaborative Event 1
Art & Design | Nagoya University Campus Walk

Aichi Triennale 2013 will present a program titled Open Architecture, in which historically valuable buildings will be open to the public, allowing opportunities to explore the appeal of these important structures.
These two events, Nagoya University Campus Walk and A Tour of Antonin Raymond’s Architectural Design of Nanzan University, will be hosted by Creative Design City Nagoya in coordination with Open Architecture.

Please refer to the report page for the detail.

Art & Design | Nagoya University Campus Walk
Date:Tuesday, 20 August, 2013
9:30am- 0:00pm
Organizer:Creative Design City Nagoya Organizing Committee
etc. :

Co-organizers : The Aichi Triennale Organizing Committee
Supporters : Nagoya University