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Nagoya Design DO! 2010 Application procedures are announced.

January 10, 2010

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International Competition
Nagoya Design DO! 2010

“NAGOYA DESIGN DO!” is a program designed to provide an opportunity for young, talented designers to develop their skills and exchange ideas with one another.

It targets young people from around the globe and is held in the form of a competition every two years.

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Design to Empower Tomorrow

First screening application acceptance period

From April 1 (Thu) to April 23 (Fri), 2010

*Categories Qualified for Entry

All areas of design are applicable for entry. Innovative design based on the competition theme is encouraged.

Application divisions:

1. Product Division 2. Spatial Division 3. Visual Communication Division 4. Other Division (does not fall within the domain of divisions 1-3)

*Qualifications to enter

Any individual or group, the age of from 18 to less than 35 , can apply.

Only new works that have not yet been made public can be submitted. Only one work can be submitted by each applicant or group. There is no exhibition fee required with the application.

*Screening method / How to apply for the first screening

There are two steps in the screening for the competition, the “first screening” and the “final screening” In the first screening, the works will be judged as they are presented on either the website.

*Monetary Prize

- Grand Prix (1 award) : 1 million yen

- Division Prize (4 awards) : 100,000 yen each Honorable mention

Grand Prix and Division Prize winners will be invited to a workshop.

Nagoya Design DO! 2010
Period:Thursday, 1 - Friday, 23 April, 2010
Organizer:Nagoya International Design Competition Committee:
Consisting of Nagoya City , International Design Center NAGOYA Inc. , Council of Chubu Design Organizations (CCDO)