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Call for registration International New Designers Workshop 2010 Public Presentation

November 1, 2010

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The Connected within the Disconnected | Nagoya Discovered through Design
International New Designers Workshop 2010

This workshop has been held since 2000 for young designers from all over the world who are leaders of the next generation, for young creators of companies, and for researchers and students from universities. The workshop includes a wide scope of topics with the purpose of creating diverse cultures.

This is the tenth anniversary of the International New Designers Workshop. Reviewing the Nagoya Design Do! 2010: Design to Empower Tomorrow, we realized that issues in society that at first glance seem isolated and disconnected are, in fact, connected, and generate a huge flow. How can we provide continuity among these various objects, events, history and culture surrounding us? And what with what kind of mechanism could we transmit this continuity? Workshop directors and participants, by taking a broad definition of design, will explore through fieldwork the theme “The Connected within the Disconnected”. In their final presentation to the audience, including businesses and representatives of the City of Nagoya, each team will make a proposal for the realization of its project.

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International New Designers Workshop 2010
Date:Friday, 26 November - Thursday, 2 December, 2012

International Design Center NAGOYA (IdcN) and Nagoya area

Organizer:Creative Design City Nagoya Organizing Committee [City of Nagoya, International Design Center Nagoya Inc., Nagoya Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Council of Chubu Design Organizations]
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Special Thanks: Toru Tsuzuki [Copywriter, DENTSU INC. CHUBU], Nagoya Urban Institute