Mirit Weinstock Design Talk Report

July 17, 2012

Talk Session
Mirit Weinstock Design Talk Report

Among Mirit Weinstock’s jewelry are many pieces inspired by traditional Japanese ornaments. For instance, the primary material in her shuttlecock collection pieces is a gold or silver coating using the technique of ‘electroforming’. This collection is a product of her fascination with a characteristic of some Japanese jewelry that looks massive but is actually lightweight. She has also developed a collection featuring a combination of raffia and twigs deriving inspiration from the traditional Japanese packaging method of stringing together a row of fish, a method introduced in the book “How to Wrap Five Eggs”. Both collections, utilizing unique materials, are the result of her inspirational insight into Japanese culture, her beginnings in a career as a fashion designer and her individualistic interpretation and aesthetic sensitivity.
During a talk session with fellow international jewelry designer Takafumi Inuzuka, Ms. Weinstock told the audience of aspiring jewelry designers that being an independent jewelry designer requires a tremendous amount of energy, and that although the internet today affords us global access, it is important to visit the field and have firsthand knowledge of both creators and the market.

Date:Monday, 16 July, 2012
5:00pm – 7:00pm

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