[re:think] Japan + Korea | Design Report

October 29, 2012

IdcN Commemorative Exhibition
[re:think] Japan + Korea | Design Report

This exhibition focused on products made with traditional techniques or ordinary materials that have been reexamined by adding a design perspective. Japan presented products from central Japan that were introduced at the June 2012 design event “DMY Berlin 2012”, while Korea presented an array of design products that are offered in Seoul for sale on the international market.

Date:Thursday, 18 - Sunday, 28 October, 2012 (closed on Tuesday, 23 October)
11:00am - 8:00pm (closed at 5:00pm on the last day)

Design Gallery, International Design Center NAGOYA

Organizer:International Design Center NAGOYA Inc.
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Co-organizer: Oriental Culture & Design Center, Kookmin University (Seoul, South Korea)

Gallery Talk

6:00 – 7:30pm, Friday 26 October

Koichi Suzuno (Torafu Architects Inc.)
Yusuke Ito (Ichiro Inc.)


5:30 – 6:30pm, Saturday 27 October

Suh Myoung Won
Choi Kyung Ran (Professor, Kookmin University)

Talk Guest Profile

Koichi Suzuno (TORAFU ARCHITECTS Inc.)

Co-founded TORAFU ARCHITECTS Inc. with Shinya Kamuro in 2004. The duo’s approach is based on architectural thinking and includes everything from architectural plans to the design of retail space interiors, exhibition spaces and products to spatial installations and filmmaking. Among some of their main works are Template in Claska, Nike I Love, Boolean, House in Kohoku, and airvase. Light Loom (Canon Milano Salone 2011) was awarded the elita Design Award Grand Prix. Airvase Book was published in 2011, as was TORAFU ARCHITECTS 2004-2011 Idea + Process (Bijustu Shuppan-sha Co., Ltd., Tokyo). In 2012, the picture book TORAFU’s Small City Planning was published by Heibonsha Ltd., Tokyo.


Yusuke Ito (President, ICHIRO Inc.)

In 2009, ITO-RIICHI Company Co., Ltd. and E-SENDA Company Co., Ltd. became ICHIRO Inc. The ethos of their furniture making is to create articles for living that drastically change the concept of furniture or the tools that contribute to the creation of one’s own individualistic world. As part of the Ichiro-Iro series, produced based on their ethos, they started offering the koloro-desk and koloro-stool, with collaboration from TORAFU ARCHITECTS Inc., (product design); Nippon Design Center’s Irobe Design Institute (graphic design) and Shimuta Office (design production).
Currently, ICHIRO’s activities include the production and sale of furniture, decorative laminates and coating compositions; the sale of materials for building, woodworking, civil engineering and agriculture; interior and exterior finish work and air conditioning and sanitary engineering.


Choi Kyung Ran (Designer and Professor, Head of Oriental Culture & Design Center, Kookmin University)

Design Advisor & Consultant, INAX Co., Japan (2004 – present). Selected Awards: G-Mark Award (2002/Kitchen System ‘Piasse’/INAX Co., 2004/Children Furniture DOBO12Hanssem), Korea Good Design Award (KIDP/2008), Director of Seoul Design Fair 2010. Choi Kyung Ran has worked extensively in domestic and international workshops and exhibition planning and organizing, among others.


Oriental Culture & Design Center, Kookmin University

The Oriental Culture & Design Center was built for the purpose of gaining an understanding of cultural differences and diversity in East Asia and investigating the design identities of East Asian countries. The Center is also working toward systematic research and development in East Asian design based on the shared cultural backgrounds of Korea, China, and Japan.



MAEZM is the design team of Cho Eun Whan and Shin Tai Ho. The duo has been active in diverse fields ranging from interior to furniture, lighting, product and graphics. AEZM has won a number of prizes, including the IF Design Award and the Reddot Design Award.


Suh Myoung Won

Born in 1972. Ph.D. of major in Wooden Furniture Design, Hongik University. Experienced various exhibitions in Korea such as Senses Project in 2012, Culture Product Exhibition at National Palace Museum in 2011 and Four by Eight Furniture Show in 2010 and participated in governmental-affiliated projects in Netherlands.