Exhibition Overview Showcase for UNESCO Creative Cities Network Report

December 10, 2011

Exhibition Overview Showcase for UNESCO Creative Cities Network Report

In this exhibition titled “Showcase for UNESCO Creative Cities Network” held at Dongdaemun History & Culture Park in Seoul, 29 member cities (as of Nov. 2011) within the Network displayed their creative heritage and products in various fields. The City of Nagoya presented five different types of design work: The “Mei-butsu” project team’s Nagoya souvenirs portraying historical episodes; marimomen’s modern versions of traditional local Arimatsu tie-dye; work by Masanobu Ido, an accomplished product designer and recipient of many prestigious prizes, including the Grand Prix at the International Ceramics Festival; and several Good Design Award- and Red Dot Award-winning products by leading Nagoya region companies including AICHI Co., Ltd., Shachihata Inc. and Noritake Co., Ltd.
The exhibition was divided into seven fields including design, crafts & folk art, film, gastronomy, literature, music and media arts. Not only the cities of design but also the participating cities of other criteria introduced their activities.

Exhibitors :

AICHI Co., Ltd. (Designer: Taku Kumazawa)
Masanobu Ido (Manufacturer: Yamazen Inc.)
Shachihata Inc.
Noritake Co., Ltd.
Mei-butsu Design Committee

AICHI Co., Ltd. (Designer: Taku Kumazawa)

AICHI Co., Ltd. (Designer: Taku Kumazawa) / Tipo-03


Masanobu Ido (Manufacturer: Yamazen Inc.)

Masanobu Ido (Manufacturer: Yamazen Inc.) / hanahana


Shachihata Inc.

Shachihata Inc. / Namepen sign

Namepen sign

Shachihata Inc. / Ink pad (small)

Ink pad (small)

Shachihata Inc. / Ink pad (square)

Ink pad (square)

Shachihata Inc. / Datername EX

Datername EX

TAT stamp pad


Noritake Co., Ltd.

Noritake Co., Ltd. / N4



marimomen / Tenugui Hand Towels

Tenugui Hand Towels

marimomen / Jikatabi Footwear

Jikatabi Footwear

Mei-butsu Design Committee

Mei-butsu Design Committee / Nagoya Castle Candle

Nagoya Castle Candle

Mei-butsu Design Committee / Kire-shachi Box Cutter

Kire-shachi Box Cutter

Mei-butsu Design Committee / Kin-shachi Shoe Keeper

Kin-shachi Shoe Keeper

Mei-butsu Design Committee / Kin-shachi Monetary Gift Envelope

Kin-shachi Monetary Gift Envelope

Date:Wednesday, 16 November - Friday, 9 December, 2011

Design Gallery, Dongdaemun History and Culture Park (Seoul, Republic of Korea)

Organizer:Seoul Metropolitan Government
Korean National Commission for UNESCO
etc. :

Organizer: Seoul Design Foundation