Horio Kanta


  • Horio Kanta “Design of the objective”, 2018

  • Horio Kanta “Automatic door” 2021 -EXHIBITION-

  • Horio Kanta “Automatic door” 2021 -EXHIBITION-

  • Horio Kanta “Automatic door” 2021 -EXHIBITION-

  • Horio Kanta “Automatic door without a door” 2021 -PERFORMANCE-

  • Horio Kanta “Automatic door without a door” 2021 -PERFORMANCE-

  • Horio Kanta “Automatic door without a door” 2021 -PERFORMANCE-

EXHIBITION [Atsuta/Miya no Watashi Area]

Automatic door, 2021

Niwa Historic Residence


Artist Statement

Suppose that you were working at an event site and you had to set up a “machine that automatically takes pictures when a visitor passes in front of the camera”, but nobody told you anything about it. Only one camera, set up by the director, can be used. Inevitably, someone in a hidden spot ends up manually triggering the shutter with remote control. Hearing about this, the director says, “So what? That’s no different than simply opening and closing the automatic doors around it, right?”

Would he be satisfied if the shutter were tripped automatically by a sensor, and not by a human? But then, what makes it different from the automatic doors in the area? After that, we never worked together again, so I never learn the answer to that.

This wonderful building apparently was an inn during the Edo period, but as you can see, it’s sort of partly mixed with something like a Showa-era apartment building. Looking under the floors and behind the walls, the beams and pillars that seem to be from the time of construction have intricately cut tenons. I didn’t see this as an Edo-era building that was renovated in the Showa-era, but instead got the impression that the renovation was continuous, so the building contained all kinds of old features. Here, the work was completed through a process of carefully searching through those various types of oldness for aspects that do not affect on the site’s value as a cultural property.



Artist and engineer Horio Kanta was born in Hiroshima in 1978. Based on the interaction of sound, light, magnetism, potential energy and other forms of energy with physical motion, Horio’s performances and installation works autonomously to produce phenomena onsite using everyday objects and machines he makes himself. He also develops and manufactures electronic musical instruments and user interfaces based on the sense of touch and physical vibration. Major exhibitions include “CTM Festival 2019” (Kunstraum Kreuzberg/Betanien, Berlin, 2019), “Sapporo International Art Festival 2017” (Sapporo, 2017), and “Open Space 2016/ Media Conscious” (ICC, Tokyo, 2016). Major performances include “Sound Performance Platform 2018” (Aichi Prefectural Art Theater, 2018), “FESTIVAL DE ARTE SONORO TSONAMI” (Teatro del Parque Cultural de Valparaíso, Valparaíso, 2018), and “FINALBY ( )” (∈Y∋, COSMIC LAB + Niimi Taiki + Horio Kanta, Fuji Rock Festival, 2021).

Relation Program

  • PERFORMANCE [Nagoya Castle Area]

    Horio Kanta“Automatic door without a door”

    November 20th Sat. 15:00-15:30
    Nagoya Noh Theater Conference Room
    First 30 persons