Fujimoto Yukio
+ Takeuchi Hajime / Hayashi Aoi (phono/graph)
Artist Talk

Artist Talk

ARTIST TALK [Nayabashi]

Fujimoto Yukio Artist Talk

November 11th Fri. 16:30-18:00
moitie moitie (1-1-5 Sakae, Naka-ku, Nagoya)
First 30 persons
Akiba Fuminori (Co-director of the exhibition)



Fujimoto Yukio

Born in Aichi, Japan. Graduated from the music department of Osaka University of Arts in 1975. Has used electronics in performances and installations since the 1970s, and made sound objects since the mid-80s. Fujimoto’s output includes works that give tangible form to sound, and unconventional technology art that utilizes spaces. Taking “here & there,” “separation & conjunction,” “revolution & gravity” and “silent & listen” as his key words, Fujimoto turns his attention to mundane everyday things, expressing the mystery of “sound” as an entity via the experience of listening, in a practice that opens up new kinds of understanding. Exhibitor at the 49th and 52nd Venice Biennales in 2001 and 2007.

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