streaming heritage Research Project
“artport” as a point of departure

Collaboration Event

The aim of this talk session was to stream various art projects presented at another heritage site, the Port of Nagoya. In particular, the talk was an opportunity to look back over the history of creative activities in Nagoya, based on the theme of “artport” (1999-2003), which featured not only art but also a variety of events held at the Port of Nagoya, and to consider how such activities can be connected to the future. In addition, the program welcomed featured guest Muto Isamu, founder of “N-mark,” a pioneering independent artist-operated space in Kasugai City (currently located in Nagoya’s Chojamachi neighborhood), which has continued dynamic activities. This important talk covered subjects such as Muto’s relationship with this exhibition’s researcher and director team of Motoyama Kiyofumi (Nagoya University of the Arts, Nagoya University) and Ikeda Osamu (PH Studio, BankART), who also put tremendous efforts into ”artport.”

Talk / Creative Cafe

November 6th Sun. 14:00-17:00
Nagoya Urban Institute
(1-1-1 Kanayama-cho, Naka-ku, Nagoya)
Muto Isamu (N-mark)



Compared to the western part of Garden pier in the port of Nagoya, which after the World Design Exposition saw a complete change, the warehouses in the eastern part retained their working port feel and character, but as a bonded area, this location was normally inaccessible. In 1999, Warehouse No.20 was opened as an art space on an experimental basis. (Reference: artport2000 flyer)


Muto Isamu (N-mark)

Born in 1974 in Aichi Prefecture. Graduated from Nagoya University of Arts Experimental Design Course in 1997. Completed the CCA Kitakyushu Research Program Artist Course in 1998. In 2009, he graduated from the Graduate School of Media Arts and Sciences (IAMAS). Launched “N-mark” with Noda Toshiya in 1998. Major projects include “MEETING CARAVAN,” “Meiko Museum Town,” “CLOUD MUSEUM,” “Limicoline NAKAGAWA UNGA Art Project,” and “Kogane 4422BLDG.” With widely ranging experience in art direction, including outdoor exhibitions, he has continued to be an active leader in Nagoya’s and Aichi’s art scene. He was also involved in “artport,” which is one of the themes of this talk session.