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Aichi Triennare 2013 Official Goods Student Competition will be held!

September 1, 2012

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Aichi Triennare 2013 Official Goods Student Competition

Aichi Triennale 2010, a first-time event, attracted more than 570,000 visitors and was a grand success. For the second Triennale, slated to open on August10th, 2013, the Creative Design City Nagoya Organizing Committee will hold the Aichi Triennare 2013 Official Goods Student Competition, in cooperation with Aichi Prefecture’s International Arts Festival Section of the Culture and Arts Division of the Department of Community Affairs. Creations chosen at the public presentation by the audience and jury will be produced.

Plese refer to the application document for the detail.
Please refer to the report page for the detail.

Background and Intent

The “CODE| Souvenir” project, organized by Creative Design City Nagoya and held in 2011, in which student teams proposed Nagoya souvenirs was well received. The competition, based on this project, will invite teams from laboratories or university and other educational seminars to probe the city’s identity, examine its history and culture, and from that fresh viewpoint, submit proposals for official Aichi Triennale 2013 products.

*”CODE” stands for City of Design. It also refers to a unique code or symbol possessed by each individual design city.


Masaaki Hiromura
Masaaki Hiromura (Designer, Aichi Triennale 2013)
Art Director, Graphic Designer, Professor of Faculty of Arts, Tokyo Polytechnic University
Masaaki Hiromura was born in Aichi Prefecture in 1954. In 1977, he entered the Tanaka Ikko Design Office.
Major Projects follow. Signage systems, Iwadeyama Junior High School, Saitama Prefectural University, Yokosuka Museum, Nomura head office building, Nissan Motor Design Center, 9h nine hours Kyoto Teramachi; UI, Future university – Hakodate; CI and signage system, the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation; VI plan and signage system, CODAN Shinonome; Annual ad plan, Marunouchi Building; Logo, 1300th Anniversary Program of the Relocation of the Capital to Heijokyo; 2D-3D Solo Exhibition at Ginza Graphic Gallery (2007); Aichi Triennale 2013 Designer (2012). His awards include Mainichi Design Award (2008).

Taro Igarashi
Taro Igarashi (Artistic Director, Aichi Triennale 2013)
Professor, Graduate School of Tohoku University
Taro Igarashi was born in 1967 in Paris, France.
After graduating from the Department of Architecture, Faculty of Engineering of the University of Tokyo, Igarashi completed a master’s degree at the Graduate School of the University of Tokyo and obtained a PhD in engineering. He lectured at Chubu University before becoming first an assistant professor and in 2009 a professor at the Graduate School of Tohoku University.
From 2007 to 2009 he was a member of the Arts Encouragement (Fine Arts Division) Recommendation Committee of the Agency for Cultural Affairs, and was Commissioner of the Japanese Pavilion at the 2008 Venice Biennale of Architecture.
He was also a member of the selection committee for the Choja-machi Curatorial Competition at the Aichi Triennale 2010.

Nobuko Shimuta
Nobuko Shimuta (Design Producer)
Part-time Lecturer, Tama Art University/Kuwasawa Design School
Nobuko Shimuta developed her career in Bijutsu Shuppan Holdings Co., Ltd. and Nippon Design Center Inc. and established her own business in 2011. Based on the idea of “editing things”. Shimuta has proposed design management appropriate for society and regions, whether design production or planning, or product or communication planning. She is a part-time lecturer at Tama Art University and Kuwasawa Design School, among others. Her major works for government and regional clients follow. For Fukui City, since 2005: the “Delicious Kitchen” project; for Sumida-ku, Tokyo in 2010, “The hanami Project”, a collaboration around making things; for the Shikoku Bureau of Economy, Trade & Industry in 2009, The F/S Survey for a Creative Core Implementation Plan; for the same organization in 2010, The Shikoku Editing School; and also in 2010, the Kagawa Lacquerware Branding Project and the Maison de Urushi Project.

Masahiko Haito (Curator, Aichi Triennale 2013)
Toshiya Kito (Chief of out-of-store sales division in charge of corporations, Nagoya Sakae Shop, Isetan Mitsukoshi Ltd.)

Proposal considerations

- Sustainable and eco responsible?
- Universal?
- Functional?
- Well made?
- Poignant?
- Timeless?
- Beautiful?
- Financially accessible?

Participating Educational Organizations

- Yuji Shimizu Lab., Urban Architectural Design Course, Department of Media Theories and Production, Aichi Shukutoku University
- Masayoshi Hashimoto Lab., School of Life Studies, Department of Human Environment Design, Sugiyama Jogakuen University
- Product Design Course, Department of Informatics Design, School of Informatics, Daido University
- Industrial Design Lab., School of Design, Nagoya University of Arts
- Chika Ohgi Lab., Textile Design Course, School of Design, Nagoya University of Arts
- Media Communication Design Team, School of Design, Nagoya University of Arts

Aichi Triennare 2013 Official Goods Student Competition
Date:Sunday, 14 October, 2012
2:00pm - 5:00pm (1:00pm open)

Atrium, Nadya Park 2F
3-18-1, Sakae, Naka-ku, Nagoya, 460-0008



Organizer:The Aichi Triennale Organizing Committee
etc. :

Co-organizers: Creative Design City Nagoya Organizing Committee [City of Nagoya, International Design Center Nagoya Inc., Nagoya Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Council of Chubu Design Organizations], International Design Center Nagoya Inc.
Supporters: Nadya Park, Isetan Mitsukoshi Ltd. (Nagoya Sakae Shop)