• softpad “between voice and waves

  • softpad “note” 2015

  • softpad “between voice and waves” 2019


  • softpad “echo white” 2011

  • softpad “echo black” 2012

  • softpad “unicode” 2008/2021

EXHIBITION [Nagoya Castle Area]

between voice and waves, 2019
echo white, 2011
echo black, 2012
note, 2015
unicode, 2008/2021

Ito Historic Residence


Artist Statement

For this event, we are exhibiting at the Ito Historic Residence. From the 1990s to the 2000s, we mainly produced works manipulating data, which is non-material, but this series of works expresses the inspiration from computer-based creations that we got in the 2010s using a substance with mass, i.e., paper. We hope that these paper artworks will visualize the ambience of Nagoya’s heritage,and the sounds that viewers would have heard in the Ito Historic Residence will undergo sonification in their mind ears.



Active mainly in Kyoto, the current creation members in this art/design unit are Awazu Ichiro, Ueshiba Tomohiro, Okumura Teruyasu, Takeuchi Hajime, Toyama Hiroshi, Tomari Hiromasa, and Minami Takuya. The group engages in expressive activities exploring the boundaries and points of contact for each type of media while transcending genres such as installation, performance, sound, and design. Major exhibitions include “Sensibilia” (Shiga Museum of Art, 2006), “BCN 1.0” (Live at Sónar Barcelona, Spain, 2006), “EXIT Festival” (Maison des Arts de Créteil, Créteil France, 2007), “Materiality-Immateriality Design & Innovation” (Kyoto ddd Gallery, 2016), and “VOICE AND SOUND WAVES” (LE26BY Galerie Félix Frachon, Brussels, Belgium, 2019).

Relation Program

  • [Nagoya Castle Area]

    Relay Talk“pouring/poured”

    November 20th Sat. [1]16:00-17:00 / [2]17:15-18:15
    Nagoya Noh Theater Conference Room
    First 30 persons each
    Relay Talk [1]:
    UeshibaTomohiro (softpad) × Akiba Fuminori (Co-director of the exhibition)
    Relay Talk [2]:
    Mizuno Masanori (Media Art / Interface Researcher) × Fushiki Kei (Co-director of the exhibition)