Relay Talk


  • Relay Talk [1]: UeshibaTomohiro × Akiba Fuminori

  • Relay Talk [1]: UeshibaTomohiro × Akiba Fuminori

  • Relay Talk [2]: Mizuno Masanori × Fushiki Kei

  • Relay Talk [2]: Mizuno Masanori × Fushiki Kei

TALK [Nagoya Castle Area]

November 20th Sat. [1]16:00-17:00 / [2]17:15-18:15
Nagoya Noh Theater Conference Room
Relay Talk [1]:
UeshibaTomohiro (softpad) × Akiba Fuminori (Co-director of the exhibition)
Relay Talk [2]:
Mizuno Masanori (Media Art / Interface Researcher) × Fushiki Kei (Co-director of the exhibition)


Ever since the “World Design Exposition” was held in 1989 in Nagoya, a continuous flow of media design and media art has developed with “ARTEC,” “artport,” and “MEDIASELECT.” The relay talk “pouring/poured” focuses on the flow and history of the media art.

“pouring/poured” originated in the stage production “The Other Side” presented in 2019 by streaming heritage director Fushiki Kei. In this work, in which the conflict between life and death and being and nothingness is reconstructed through a complex process, two dancers come on stage and pour water from one cup into another cup below it, thus producing the term, “pouring/poured.” It undoubtedly is a theme related to passing down of the culture via the waters of the Horikawa River, and this relay talk was held under the symbolic title “pouring/poured.”


Relay Talk [1]

Ueshiba Tomohiro (softpad)

Since 1991, as a member of dumb type, he has been in charge of real-time control programs for images and stage equipment in their performance works, and is also involved in image production. Since 1999, he has produced and presented works under the softpad, and participated in various festivals and exhibitions in Japan and overseas, including the “Sónar Barcelona” (Spain, 2006). In recent years, he has been interested in the preservation and archiving of media art, and gave oral presentations at the “International Conference on the Histories of Media Art, Science and Technology” in 2011, 2013 and 2017. Currently he is working as an associate professor at the Faculty of Engineering, Chukyo University, Japan.

Relay Talk [2]

Mizuno Masanori (Media Art / Interface Researcher)

Born in 1977. Media Art / Interface Researcher. Associate professor, Department of Creative Media Studies, Faculty of Letters, Konan Women’s University. His important texts include “Seeing through the surface👓👀🤳”, “Overlapping between the object and the display device” (MASSAGE MAGAZINE), A series of “Reading interfaces” (ÉKRITS), etc. Based on the interface experience and the work experience, he thinks wrigglingly in language about human cognition and consciousness in the area between art, philosophy and science.

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