Kondo Masakatsu


  • Kondo Masakatsu, MOUNTAIN VALLEY (pink stripe), 2022

  • Kondo Masakatsu

  • Kondo Masakatsu

  • Kondo Masakatsu, Postcard collection study work, 1989-1995

  • Kondo Masakatsu, A BIRD IN THE DARK, 2020

EXHIBITION [shikemichi]

MOUNTAIN VALLEY (pink stripe), 2022
HIDDEN LAND s (Side Bush), 2018
A BIRD- Side Wing (pink), 2019
Postcard collection study work, 1989-1995

Ito Historic Residence


Artist Statement

The exhibition is held in the former home of the Ito Historic Residence. Ito family was a representative merchant family business using water transportation after the construction of the Horikawa River. The mountain piece I am showing is conscious of the water flowing into the Horikawa Canal; a main source of the water is the Shonai River, and beyond the water lies the mountains of the Gifu Prefecture. This water stream from the mountains gave way to Nagoya’s robust economy and fostered its culture. Based on that, I placed the work in the alcove of the Ito Historic Residence. For me, a landscape is an incalculable collection of life forms and an accumulation of related human cultures and fables. These numerous details form dozens of layers and become an abstract mountain in my mind. In relation to this aspect)—based on, I will also exhibit a collection of postcards of study works from my school days.


Kondo Masakatsu

Born in Aichi, Japan. Kondo graduated from The Slade School of Fine Art, London in 1993. During his studies, he received The Wilson Steel Memorial Medal from the University of London. He was also awarded 2nd Prize at “John Moores Liverpool Exhibition 20” in 1997. He mainly produces landscape paintings that interpret the natural world in an artificial way. Major exhibitions include “Element” (THE CLUB, 2021), “Whenever I Am Silent” (All Visual Arts, 2012), “Prime” (Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery, 2000), “Surface” (Nederlands Foto Instituut, 2001), “Between the Parallel” (Kohji Ogura Gallery, 1996).