phono/graph, SILENCE-NAGOYA-2022, 2022

EXHIBITION [shikemichi]


Ito Historic Residence


Artist Statement

In 2019, phono/graph produced “SILENCE” in collaboration with the NISSHA Foundation. Created using NISSHA’s high-resolution digital printing technology, “SILENCE” is an oversize-format book handcrafted with letters and graphics. Based on the theme of “SILENCE,” this work addressed the concept that now is the time to explore the possibilities held in books printed on paper, employing various methods to express this within the two-dimensional world. And with a big book, reading is also transformed into a dynamic act. Our aim at the Ito Historic Residence is to take the world confined within the two-dimensional space of the book and expand it anew in the three-dimensional space of the room to construct a three-dimensional reading space.

A book is not an isolated being: it is a relationship, an axis of innumerable relationships.
Jorge Luis Borges; translated by Eiichi Kimura



Organized in 2011 by a collection of member artists active in various fields, this group transcends genres and generations and applies flexible thinking to address the issues of sound, letters, and graphics with the aim of exploring the relationship between media and life through experimental expression. Since their start in Osaka, they have exhibited works in Tokyo, Nagoya, Kyoto, Kobe, and Dortmund (Germany). Current members are Kishimoto Rinko, Hayashi Aoi, Sada Yudai, Suzuki Hiroyoshi, Jo Kazuhiro, intext, Yagi Lyota, Nicole Schmid, softpad, and Fujimoto Yukio.