Creative Design City Nagoya 2009

From Now On:Envisioning Nagoya’s Future on the Large Scale and the Small
International New Designers Workshop
Workshop Directors
Apex LIN, Pang-Soong
Apex LIN, Pang-Soong
  • Graphic Designer
  • Professor of National Taiwan Normal University, Department of Fine Arts
  • Taipei, Taiwan
1957 born in Taiwan
[Public office, Juror etc.]
  • Treasurer of ICOGRADA:International Council of Graphic Design Association (2001-2003),
  • President of TPDA:Taiwan Poster Design Association (2001-2002)
  • International Judge of Logo Design Competition for 2008 Beijing Olympic, 2008 Beijing Olympic Preparatory Commission, (2002)
  • Consultant of Olympic Art Research Center, Central Fine Art College, (2003-)
  • International Judge of Red Dot Awards Communication Design (2006)
  • International Judge of 2008 Design Do! Nagoya
  • Director of Cultural & Creative Industries Center, National Taiwan Normal University
  • Director of Department of Visual Design, National Taiwan Normal University
  • ICOGRADA Achievement Award (2002)
  • Listing into 100 world graphic designers in Area / 100 Graphic Designers (PhaetonPress) (2003)
  • The First Outstanding Award of Commercial Creativity by MOEA, Taiwan (2004)
  • The Winner of Design for Asia Award by Hong Kong Design Center (2005)
  • The Winner of National Award of Literature & Art in Taiwan (2007)
Choi, Kyung Ran
CHOI, Kyung Ran
  • Designer
  • Head of OCD Center/ Professor, Kookmin University
  • Seoul, Korea
  • University of California, Los Angeles (U.C.L.A), Design Dept.,M.F.A Degree
  • Seoul National University, Graduate school of Art & Design M.F.A.
[Public office, Juror etc.]
  • Design Advisor & Consultant, INAX Co., Japan (2004-)
  • Head of Oriental Culture & Design Center, Kookmin University, Seoul, Korea (2008-)
  • Vice President, Korea Association of Industrial Design (Kaid) (2008-)
  • Planning Committee, 2009 Seoul Design Olympic Organization (2009-)
  • G- Mark Award, INAX Co.Kitchen System 'Piasse', Japan (2002)
  • G- Mark Award, Hanssem Children Furniture DOBO12, Japan (2004)
  • Korea Good Design Award, KIDP (2008)
Anthony Ganjou
Anthony GANJOU
  • CURB - natural media company
URB is the world's first natural media company. We offer a range of highly effective media solutions solely using natural earth elements. We have created a portfolio of unique eco-advertising services and a crack green team of creative experts, to provide clients with outstanding natural marketing which impacts on their target consumer without impacting on the environment.
Our natural media has already achieved worldwide coverage and put simply we offer a viable and effective choice for clients and agencies looking to integrate nature into their marketing communications.
Ko Yamada
  • Photpgrapher
  • Representative director of PAC (Photography Arts Caravan)
  • 1964 born in Nagoya, Aichi, Japan
  • 1993 MFA, Photography, Ohio University, Athens, Ohio, U.S.A.
  • Teacher of Nagoya University of Arts, Nagoya Zokei University, Nippon Designer Geijutsu Gakuin, and etc.
  • "Reflected Identity" Houston International FOTOFEST, Houston Texas. (1994)
  • "IDENTIDADE REFLETIDA" San Paulo II International Photo-Meeting (1995)
  • "MEDIALOGUE" Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography(1998)
  • "ZEITGENOSSISCHE FOTOKUNST AUS JAPAN" NBK, tour exhibition at in Germany (1999-2000)
  • "Light Boxes, Dark Room" Hope College, Michigan, U.S.A. (2004)
  • "Jinko-mu" (artificial dreams) City of Nagoya Contemporary Art Exhibition, Nagoya Japan (2005)
  • SIPF Singapore International Photo Festival, Singapore (2008)
  • "Presence & Absence" 1st Fine Art International Conference, Bangkok,Thailand (2009)
  • "Context of Image Media" Nagoya University of Arts, Aichi Japan (2009)
Kazushige Miyake
Kazushige MIYAKE
  • Tokyo, Japan
B.1973. Graduated from Tama Art University’s product design department. Working experiences: a design office (U.K./-1999), IDEE, IDEO and Naoto Fukasawa Design (Japan). Started MIYAKE DESIGN in 2005. Miyake designs various products such as household appliances, furniture and lighting equipments.
  • Nagoya, Japan
Poet. Murata has actively expressed his poetry both in written and spoken forms, presenting, for instance, A Night Wishing with Words in a TV program that broadcast a list of people’s inquiries into the safety of their dear ones in disaster-stricken areas. In the poetry project, Going to See Grandpa: Winter, children read their poems, performances that were broadcast in a convenience store on Christmas day. In 2009, he participated in the event Hundred Stories about Love commemorating the 5th anniversary of the opening of the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa. His project was named Roaming - about Poetry “In Front of Love”, in which, touring the museum, he wrote out in pencil any poem he came up with, read it aloud and left the paper on the spot. Through projects such as The Constellating Recollections and "Roudou Kisha Club"(Labors Press Club)〜"Senjitsu Roudou Shinbun" (The Other Day Labor News), Murata and Ko Yamada made an attempt to share memories with others.
  • Nagoya, Japan
Anthropologist/Representative, Olduvai Industry
Graduated from Nanzan University’s Graduate School of Humanities in Anthropology. In managing Olduvai Industry, Yamazaki is working to develop a variety of products based on anthropological research. In addition, he conducts research and supports the academic information service at the university museum. Exhibits Yamazaki has initiated include “Cards: A Connection Medium” (Nagoya University Project Gallery「clas」, 2008) and “Seeds of the World’s Tools” (The Anthropological Museum of Nanzan University, 2009).
  • Nagoya, Japan
Professor, School of Media and Design, Nagoya University of Arts and Sciences. Visiting professor, Art College of Sichuan University. Vice-president, Chubu Creators Club. Graduated from Toho Gakuen Junior College. After working at Shigeo Okamoto Design Office, started Kyoji Kotani Design Office in 1979. Board member of Icograda (The International Council of Graphic Design Associations) in 2003. Judge FIFA Women’s World Cup 2007 Poster Exhibition.
Takayuki IKEGAWA
Takayuki IKEGAWA
  • Nagoya, Japan
Takayuki Ikegawa is Associate Professor of Media Studies at Nagoya University and Director of Japan Society of Image Arts and Sciences. His research interests lie in mainly in the film and animation production as an educational method for self-expression, design and the sciences. He has also created numerous works in various media.
Yasuyuki ITO
Yasuyuki ITO
  • Nagoya, Japan
Architect and Associate professor, Nagoya City University. Graduated from Dr. Eng, University of Tokyo. Established COELACANTH Architects inc. In 1998 re-organized the company as C+A (Coelacanth and Associates, Inc.)