Creative Design City Nagoya 2009

From Now On:Envisioning Nagoya’s Future on the Large Scale and the Small
International New Designers Workshop
E Team: Image Design
Higashiyama Water Tower
Port of Nagoya
Other places in the outskirts
Proposal Summary:
Title: “Life-sized” Scale: Walking・Seeing・Detecting

In this project, we proposed a new perspective on Nagoya, created by looking at the city from the outside, walking in the suburbs. Our keywords were Gateways to Nagoya, Roads in Nagoya and A Mixture of Thoughts and Glances.
Today we usually get to Nagoya from Nagoya Station or Centrair Airport. However, there are numerous and varied parts of Nagoya that remain veiled, and will come into sight only if we enter the city in different ways. This project revealed many new entrances, many gateways, to Nagoya. We strolled through the streets. Surrounded by ships, a huge bridge and loads of containers at the port, we were overwhelmed by the extraordinary scale. Then, on the outskirts of Sukaguchi, in Kiyosu City, we detected human figures and spaces that might have usually remained imperceptible to us. We were able to see them simply because we were viewing the city on foot. Based on these discoveries, we created images under themes we described with the keywords “tunnel / alley” and “skyline”.
Under the theme, “tunnel / alley”, we worked to express three things: the liberty we experience when we emerge from a narrow alley, time flowing along in a leisurely manner, and silence. Under the theme, “skyline”, we proposed a vision of Nagoya seen from a new perspective focusing on the boundary between the sky and the constituent objects below.
Our design solution isn’t only visual, but will serve as a tool to facilitate discoveries and deepen our thoughts. We hope the members of the audience will also appreciate Nagoya’s unique charms, each from his or her own standpoint.


Takayuki IKEGAWA
Nagoya, Japan

Nagoya, Japan


Yuki ITO
Graduate School of Engineering, Nagoya Institute of Technology

Hiroki KATO
Designer / Animator

School of Media and Design, Nagoya University of Arts and Sciences

School of Design and Architecture, Nagoya City University

Faculty of Design & Architecture, Aichi Sangyo University

School of Design, Nagoya University of Arts

School of Media and Design, Nagoya University of Arts and Sciences

Keishou TATSU
Graduate School of Languages and Cultures, Nagoya University